Our mission: to use knowledge, research, innovation & technology to create superior, safe, leading edge products that inspire passion, creativity & reassurance for the salon professional.

In 1996 International Hair Cosmetics Ltd. UK conceived, created & launched the premium hair care brand AFFINAGE® Salon Professional. Originated as a line of permanent hair colour, the AFFINAGE® brand quickly expanded to include tone-on-tone and fashion colours, permanent waves, specialist highlighting systems, bleaching powders, shampoos, conditioners and styling products, formulated in-house at the AFFINAGE® Research & Development Laboratory in Italy.

The team headed by Dott. Nicola Summer continue to break new ground in the development of exciting, industry leading hair products.

These unique, technology-driven products have been enthusiastically embraced by consumers & the hairdressing industry across the globe, making AFFINAGE® one of the fastest growing haircare brands in the world.

This rapid growth is spearheaded by the twin aims of unrivalled product innovation & quality, supported by comprehensive training & education systems. Today, AFFINAGE® is sold in over 50 countries, with headquarters & training facilities in the UK & the USA.





Captivating, expressive colour. Beautiful, healthier-looking hair.

INFINITI® Intelligent Colour System incorporates permanent hair colours, colour additives and colour highlighting for unlimited possibilities and radiant, multi-dimensional results. Advanced breakthrough formula with DATEM PLUS® Technology safely transports long-lasting colour pigments deep into every strand, to give amazing colour and flawless 100% grey coverage. The conditioning emulsion cream base with Shea Butter and Argan Oil adds protection, suppleness and incredible shine for beautiful, healthier looking hair.

DATEM PLUS® Technology


Original DATEM® made colouring kinder by encapsulating oxygen before releasing it inside the cortex. DATEM PLUS® revolutionises colour technology by capturing both oxygen and the colour molecule before safely transporting them deep into the hair shaft by gently separating the bonds between the keratin fibres. Once there, they are released, allowing the advanced colouring action to begin. This unique delivery system drastically reduces cuticle and scalp damage by controlling the action of free radicals.

ASP Hair


Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy

Inspired by the rich, natural resources of Africa, Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy offers an indulgent, sensory experience and a therapeutic approach to professional hair care – today, tomorrow, always.

The natural African plant extracts in Kitoko™ have been expertly selected by our development chemists for their incredible rejuvenating and restorative qualities, ensuring fantastically healthy, beautiful hair. Each regime uses its own unique blend to ensure maximum effectiveness in it’s specialist treatment area. Combined with our Electron Acceptor Technology™ and ultra-gentle formulas, completely free from sulphates, parabens, waxes and mineral oils, Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy presents a naturally balanced, colour-safe range, perfectly matched to hair and skin.

Kitoko™ offers a luxurious, sensorial & mood enhancing experience. Clients requiring deep conditioning treatments can receive the Kitoko™ Sensory Head Massage – a specially developed sequence of techniques, designed to improve circulation and relieve stress whilst ensuring Kitoko™ treatment products deliver optimum results. This, combined with the carefully selected, sensory and olfactory fragrances in each Kitoko™ regime, ensures an enhanced experience for client and stylist alike.


Electron Acceptor Technology™

Hair is an amazing substance, naturally very resilient and strong. The central layer, the cortex, is fibrous and rope-like in appearance and primarily composed of a protein called keratin. It is this layer that is responsible for the hair’s remarkable qualities. During the early growth stages of the hair, the cortex is formed into chains of keratin called protofibrils which are held together by bonds between the atoms in the different keratin chains. In their natural state each bond has two electrons which are ‘paired’. If these stay ‘paired’ the hair remains in a stable, strong condition. From time to time, however, external influences such as pollution, chemicals, climate and damaging UV rays take their toll on the hair, causing the bonds to break (ie. the electrons to separate). This action is known as free-radical damage. When this breaking occurs the ‘unpaired’ electrons, which are naturally attracted to each other, begin to look for another electron to pair with. Unfortunately this hunt often leads to a chain reaction with further breakage of the bonds. This reaction leaves our bodies and hair vulnerable to ageing, attack and further damage.

Electron Acceptor Technology™ is the ultimate answer. This unique blend of antioxidants specifically targets free radicals, ‘accepting’ or connecting to the ‘unpaired’ electrons, halting the chain reaction of further bond breakage. This unique ASP™ technology prevents damage to the hair structure and protects it from harm, helping to maximize its natural health and beauty.


Naturally Kind Kitoko™

Advanced Hair Therapy formulations are sulphate-free, paraben-free and contain no waxes or mineral oils, making them as kind as possible to your hair and skin.

Sulphate-Free Cleansers

Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy cleansers are completely free from the harmful sulphates, Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), contained in conventional shampoos. These chemicals are detrimental to the environment and to the health of your hair, skin and eyes. They are surfactants, used to create lather and remove dirt and oil from the surface of the hair and scalp, stripping them of their essential natural lubricants and moisture. The hair can be left dry and lifeless and the scalp irritated. Studies have also shown that these harsh chemicals can be easily absorbed by the body, which may lead to health issues, particularly in children.

Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy cleansers are based on an ingredient derived from coconut oil, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI), and are therefore kind to the hair, skin and eyes. Their high quality, creamy lathering action deeply cleanses the hair and protects coloured hair, reducing fade.

Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy cleansers are also biodegradable, making them kind to the environment as well as your hair and skin.