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Gender Neutral Pricing – the fight against pink tax and the general inequality when it comes to paying for products and services has become a hot topic in the salon industry.  The old argument that women’s haircuts are more difficult or elaborate than men’s no longer holds water. Today, men are just as style-conscious as women, as they embrace fashion forward trends like the man bun, edgy fades and even fashion colours. 

How does gender neutral pricing benefit my business?

Make More Money 

Hair has no gender! It is either short, medium or long. Time has no gender! You either have it or you don’t, but one thing is for sure, time is money. Let’s look it at this way, you could be working a shortcut that’s quite technical and requires more time and careful skill to execute well, and or you might find yourself working with long hair, but it’s not very dense and you’re doing a dry cut so the time it’s going to take you to create the look is a less than usual. By pricing your system according to the type of service required and the time needed, you avoid unnecessary downtime and it helps keep you on track with your bookings. 

Increase Salon Visits

As our favourite celebs continue to create ripples through the fashion world with their buzz cuts and pixie styles, more and more women are opting for bold, short hairstyles. The shorter haircuts mean more visits to the salon to maintain the style, however if the cost for a haircut that requires less time and product is too expensive, the client may not be able to commit to regular trips to the salon. Fair pricing can change the relationship between client and stylist and even turn into referrals- we all know how important a good referral is for business. 

Improve Client Loyalty

We know that hair plays a big part in our identity, it affects how feel about ourselves and what we project into the world. We also know that each client is completely different to the next, being able to customise your services according to each client increases your brand loyalty. That being said, loyalty goes both ways. It’s an investment of trust, time, and money. By creating a gender neutral salon menu that allows your clients to understand what they want and how to achieve, regardless of who you are, shows your client that you care about them as an individual as opposed to just another bum on seat. 

In conclusion, we can see how antiquated salon practices are starting to fade out and make way for systems that best suit our fast developing modern society. Let’s hope more salons embrace the concept of gender neutral pricing, it’s the way forward if we we want equality for all!