Everyone has their opinion on what’s the best course of action is when it comes hair care and hair washing tips, but the big question still remains, “how often should I wash my hair?”. You’re told that if you wash your hair too often it becomes dry and brittle, on the other hand if you don’t wash it enough you’re left with lifeless, dirty hair. It almost feels like a lose/lose kind of situation, but that’s why our Divine Sales team put their noggin’s to test and came up with some tips to help you slay the hair-wash mystery.

What’s your type?

Hair types are like personalities, everyone’s different, and that’s why you’ll find so many different types of hair products. Thin and silky hair tends to get oilier faster, whereas thick, course hair can actually go longer without washing. The same goes for straight hair versus curly hair, straight hair requires more washing than curls, which tend to be more dry. Find the product that best suits how frequently you need to wash your hair and ultimately save on the amount of product used.

“I whip my hair back and forth!”

Your lifestyle, believe it or not, plays a big role in how stressed your hair can get. The more active you are, the oilier your hair will become, hair-washing will become a more regular occurrence. This is due to the fact that the sweat clogs your pores and your roots get dirtier faster, but washing too often can also make your hair oilier. The trick is to find the right hair care products that will compliment your lifestyle.

Back to black

A little (un)known fact about dark hair, over washing your hair contributes to the overall loss of shine in your beautiful dark hair, as well as resulting in faded hair colour; and if hair is as important to you as it is to us, that would be devastating. Take care to buy hair care products that are designed specifically for your hair needs.

So, how often should I be washing my hair?

Without going all scientific on you we’ve listed a few general hair washing tips below, but when in doubt speak to your hairstylist. Their passion is hair, they’ve cut, coloured and styled your hair for ages and know exactly what hair-wash schedule would work best for your hair type, as well as know what products to recommend to you to help maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

  1. The Golden Rule – once every 2-3 days, the less you wash your hair the faster your hair realizes it’s no longer being stripped down as often with shampoo and other products and naturally will start producing less oil. Less oil, less washing, healthier hair!
  2. Normal Hair – Luck is on your side, washing your hair becomes a matter of when you need to, as opposed to having to wash regularly.
  3. Dry Hair – maximum twice a week.
  4. Silky, Thin Hair and Oily Hair may require daily washes, in this case it’s strongly suggested you create a balanced schedule between shampoo washes and conditioner-only-washing. What folks don’t know, is that conditioners already contain a mild cleanser, so to avoid the constant stripping of your natural oils in your hair we recommend you wash 2 – 3 times a week and conditioner-only-washing every other time.
  5. Thick, Curly or Processed Hair – once every 2-3 days, this is because unlike finer hair strands the oils in your scalp don’t travel as quickly down the hair shaft.
  6. Don’t Have Time Hair – opt for dry shampoo instead. It absorbs dirt, dust and excess oils in the hair, ideal for that quick fix before that impromptu date or big meeting and you don’t feel like washing your hair. 

In conclusion…

“How often should I wash my hair?” becomes a question that only you and your hairstylist can answer. Generally speaking, once every three days at maximum, but we all know how having great, healthy hair plays such a big role in how we feel about ourselves, so the best advice we can give you is to get to know the specifics about your hair and everything else will fall into place.