What started out as a small, and basically a ludicrous trend in 2018, has come full circle this year with guys and gals already showing off their ideas and inspirations for 2019’s Christmas Tree Hair challenge. 

I am sure you’re sitting there reading this and wondering what on earth am I talking about. Well, The Daily Mail best described this hairy trend as when “people style their hair into an upside-down cone shape, mimicking a Christmas tree before decorating their strands with ornaments.” So, if you have a serious case of super Christmas cheer and like to “stand out”, then this challenge is perfect for you!

I hear you, and no you don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to pull off that perfect Christmas Tree Hairdo. You could book an appointment with your favourite stylist, there isn’t any shame in calling the pro’s to help make sure your up-do is on fleek. Some folks have already spent their budget on gifts, wrapping paper, Gammon and Christmas cake, so there’s no dosh to spend on Christmas Tree Hair. Fear not, you can still turn heads this Christmas, and you’ll most likely find everything you need to create your look within your home. 

1. The upside-down cone

To make your hair look like a Christmas tree, you’ll have to get it to all stand up into a triangular point. 

To make life easier, place an empty water bottle on your head, pull all your hair up, and fasten a rubber band around the top of the water bottle to hold your hair in place.

TIP: For extra hold, I’d recommend backcombing your hair with a teasing brush before adding the water bottle. You should also use some extra hold hairspray to keep the hair in place (I highly recommend MODE Airloader).

2. A case of the greenies

Traditionally, Christmas trees are green, but this is hair and like art, is subjective. so dip your fingers into the festive creativity bowl and have fun. However, if you are a die-hard then there are two ways you could commit to the whole-nine-yards and sport green for the silly festive season and rock that Christmas Tree Hairdo at your family gathering. 

Make an appointment with your stylist to discuss the best way you can achieve green hair, I say this as the process would differ according to your hair type. Lighter hair lifts easier and therefore applying fashion colours would be fast and simple. Dark hair, however, is harder to lift but that does not put you out of the game, your stylist knows your hair better than anyone and will be able to best advise you on what to do. Alternatively, you could throw caution to the wind and hunt down green hairspray. 

NOTE: Colour hairspray products vary and some take up to 3 washes before being completely removed from the hair. If you’re really struggling, ask your stylist about a cleanser shampoo to help remove the colour build-up.


What’s a Christmas tree without ACCESSORIES!!!! Finish of your ultimate Christmas Tree Hairdo with all things festive and fun, like tinsel, Christmas baubles, ornaments, jewels, glitter, confetti and whatever else makes your heart sing. 

Like we said, this trend definitely borders on the ludicrous, but if you just can’t help feeling that Christmas cheer and want to post something a little EXTRA on your social media this holiday season, why not get creative, weird and wonderful. There is literally no wrong way of doing it! 

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