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In a perfect world running your own business is energising and uplifting, rainbows, glitter, and unicorns….. Right? 

So let’s talk about those rainbows, more like indigo, blue and yellow decorating the puffy bags under your eyes as a result of lying awake stressing about cash flow. The great thing is we’re in an industry where there are so many wonderful products available to cover up our rainbows. So much choice is enough to make your weary head spin, almost like that jittery feeling you get from having too much coffee? Some of you are shaking your heads in disbelief…. Too much coffee? Never. Coffee is our staple diet. Eyes glittering as you reach for another cup, daydreaming of winning the lotto, finding your Prince Charming charging in on a unicorn… ha, reality check. The closest you’re going to get is corn studded toes… but we’re in the industry and we have a product for that. 

Having a product to cover up all the externals is great but how to take care of the internals is a whole different story. 

Firstly, it’s about making time for yourself, I mean really making and taking time out for yourself. Spend some time in your garden. Sit yourself down and lean against a tree. Look up at the sky. Make shapes with the clouds. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and smell something other than Brazilians and hairspray. Listen to the birds chattering. Feel the grass under your a-oops, I mean feet. Time spent alone outside is my number one pick-me-up, pull myself toward myself, battery recharge. 

Secondly it’s about making time for yourself. Wash rinse repeat is the insanity of waking up in the morning. Going to work. Coming home. Cooking and doing the kids homework. Going to bed and starting all over the next day. Break the cycle. Do something out of your comfort zone. Paint Nite. Belly dancing. Sound meditations. Burlesque. So many options yet so many excuses to not have some fun. What name does your excuse go by? 

Finally, in all seriousness, making time for yourself is not selfish. Making time for yourself is vital to your well-being and to the well-being of those around you. There’s no product in any industry that can do for you what “me-time” can do for you. 

Article Written by Kim Butcher, CEO of Divine Sales