The retail end of your salon, for most hairstylists it can be said that they did not get into the hair industry to become a salesperson...

The Retail End of your Salon – Tips to increase salon retail sales.       It’s been the topic of many a hairstylist and salon owners’ regular conversation, and that question is “How can I increase salon retail sales and generate more revenue for my salon?”

For most hairstylists it can be said that they did not get into the hair industry to become a salesperson, but don’t forget how valuable utilising a little sales technique into your everyday salon life can be.

Your attitude will determine how your clients respond to your product recommendations.

For years your clients have been coming back to you to do their hair, so we can agree you’re the only person they trust to come near them with a pair of scissors.

What does this say about you? You’re trusted, and rightly so!

So the first thing you have to do is believe in yourself, have the confidence that you’re in a position of “power” as the hair professional and you know your client’s hair better than anyone and can best recommend products you know your client will need, and ultimately love. If you don’t trust the product on your own hair, you wouldn’t put it on your clients’ hair.

 Choose products you believe in and increase salon retail sales

This leads up to the importance of investing in products you actually believe in. When you love something, your approach to how you would talk about it changes dramatically.

It’s also important to consider products that aren’t sold directly to consumers; one thing that will most certainly bring any friendly suggestion to a halt is when your client says, “I can buy it cheaper at XYZ or online.”

So before you introduce a product to your client, ask yourself “Do I believe in these products?”, “Are these products unique enough to set my salon apart?” ,or “Are these products readily available at large retail stores?”

Know your products.

We all know how easy it is to rely on an attractive retail corner to peak interest from our clients in some quality after care hair treatments, but what sells a product is more than just “It smells good!”- it is the “why” element that becomes important. Why do you encourage your clients to invest their money in high-quality salon products?

You know what each of your client’s hair needs are, this gives you a multitude of talking points on why your recommended product stands out from the rest.

It’s all about the hair after all!

Acquaint your client with the products you’re using.


They say a haircut is as good as a holiday, and being the artist you are given an opportunity to paint an ideal picture for your clients.

While you’re at the basin washing your client’s hair, you could casually chat about how the shampoo and conditioner/treatment will help heal their hair from the inside out by adding all the vital things it needs to be healthy after any chemical process.  If your shampoo has a floral fragrance you could always say, “I love this shampoo – not only does it help revitalise your hair and make it shiny, it also makes you feel like you’re lying on a bed of flowers”.

Why stop there?! While you’re at your cutting station and you’re about to style your client’s hair, show off your styling products! Take the time to tell your client what you’re using and why, and if you want to go the extra mile you can always teach them how to properly use the product to style their hair. It would prove beneficial, to both the client and stylist, if your client’s hair doesn’t experience a vast amount of different brand products being used between appointments-saving everyone time and money.  

Optimise your retail display increase salon retail sales

The key to closing a sale before your client walks out the salon with her fabulous new hair, is to make sure that your retail area is inviting. Shopping or even just browsing should be a memorable experience. Make it beautiful.

A few simple things can make all the difference, like:

  • keep your retail shelf organized and clean.
  • add shelf talkers or leaflets that highlight ingredients or the benefits of your products.
  • make sure your products are well lit and stand out. If you only have one wall of retail, try using a wall colour that will help your products pop.
  • Create an easy tea/coffee area by your retail space, this create the ideal moment to encourage your clients to browse whilst sipping on a good cup of joe.

 Practice makes sales.

Retail is not for everyone, but we’re all in the business of making money, so the best way to conquer sales is to practice.

A great stylist never stops learning, and a really good way to educate yourself is to simply put your knowledge to the test. Try selling a product to your friend or a fellow stylist in your salon and encourage them to have objections about the product. This way, you’re better prepared with a professional-but-friendly response when a client brings up the same points or concerns.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do, and the only way to conquer retail sales is to love the products you invest in!