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Back to the Future – The 90’s revival started sneaking its way into fashion back in 2015 with the return of our favourite rebel shoes, Doc Martens. Four years later, it looks like the 90’s are here to stay with the resurgence of baggy tracksuit pants, chunky sneakers and “mom jeans”. That’s not all, 2019 sees the return of some interesting hair accessories that we never thought would make a comeback, ever! 

Don’t worry if all you can remember from the 90’s was your love-hate relationship with scrunchies or butterfly clips. To help you find inspiration and rejog your memory, we’ve put together 4 popular accessories making a comeback this Spring. 

Back in the 90’s Scrunchies were all the rage, and every household had at least one lying around. If you weren’t using it in your hair, you were wearing them on your wrists and ankles to elevate your outfits. Scrunchies started making their way back into fashion last year, but now that we’ve moved past the “omg  it’s the return of the scrunchie” phase, we can comfortably enjoy adding them to the list of things we’re happy to put in our hair if you want to stay on trend. 

If Instagram is anything to go by, we know that hair clips are making a fast comeback and they’re not in the least bit boring. Inspired by the bold move made by Gucci with their $400 crystal hair clip, stylists and celebrities have reinvented our childhood favourite accessory with bling and kitschy catchphrases that can give the simplest bun or ponytail new life.

Fashion houses around the world have been adding the simplest, but most sophisticated, accessory to their runway looks and the influencers just can’t seem to get enough of it. No longer reserved for preppy necklaces, it looks like pearls are one of the hottest trends to rock the hair world. Add a little chic to everyday look by adding a pearl hair clip or headband to your updo, loose waves or braids. 

2019 sees the revival of the beloved 90’s headband trend, but with a slight twist – they’re over-sized and padded. Whether they’re covered in satin, velvet, leather, pearls or rhinestones, headbands (a.k.a. Alice Bands) can be a great way to add personality to your outfits, day or night. 

In conclusion

Whether we like it or not, these classic 90’s trends are here to stay for a while, so why not make the most of it and rock out with your 90’s hair accessories!