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You’ve been keeping up with the trends and you know that this year is all about those beautiful creamy blondes and fiery coppers, punchy reds and shiny bronzed brunettes, but one of the most popular hair colour ideas for 2019 has everyone turning heads. Fashion colours, fashion colours everywhere! 

Whether it’s bright and bold or soft and pastel, fashion colours are becoming the norm. No longer frowned upon by tutting grannies you’ll find fashion colours popping up everywhere, whether it’s a full set of mutli-coloured unicorn tresses or a sneaky pop of colour hiding in your underlayer, unconventional colours are now more widely accepted as a way to express your own unique personality. 

After months of scrolling on Pinterest and Instagram you’ve finally given into the mantra, “Mermaid hair, don’t care”, and it’s time to bring on those fashion colours. This is where things get interesting because not every colour is going to be YOUR colour, but with the right salon and colour specialist you can find the best shades of fashion colours that will compliment your skin tone, while working to achieve your hair goals. 

While it’s important to consider your skin tone (light skin, dark skin etc.) when choosing the right fashion colours, it also helps to acquaint yourself with the hue your body gives off under the skin. It differs for each person, but makes a huge impact when it comes to pairing colour to compliment the true and unique you. One clever way you can find out what your overall body undertone is, is to look at your veins. Oh yes, you heard right! Stand in a well lit space or a window with a lot of sun and  take a look at the veins on your arms, note what colour they are. 





Green veins 

Golden, yellow, or peachy


Blue veins

Pink, red, or blue


Blue/Green veins

A mixture of the above


Green veins


It’s also important to remember that the darker the hair the more difficult it is to lift your natural tones. This means your hair is likely to use more product in order to get the desired effect which tends to lengthen the process more than if lifting from lighter shades. Talk to your salon professional about using bleach powder with low to no ammonia to ensure the least damaging effect on your hair. 

Fashion colours have a horrible knack of fading faster, so watch how frequently you wash your hair and be sure to use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner to protect your colour. Go slowly on the heat styling and blow-drying, as these too can be the enemy of bright vibrant colour in your life. Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant spray to not only prevent heat damage but to help avoid early colour fadage. 

In the past these kind of colour transformations may have seemed crazy and unrealistic, but with the advance in the hair industry and access to professional products that are specifically formulated to help your hair, the possibilities are truly endless. With these few tips we hope to inspire you to be brave and let your inner mermaid or unicorn shine.