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Sun-kissed Summer hair – Going blonde has been a trend that dates back as far as the Romans in 300BC, although back then the option to go blonde had a lot to do with class ranking. Today we have the luxury of altering our hair colour as a form of self-expression, and going Blonde continues to be the favourite colour to rock during the spring and summer months. However, going Blonde is a long process for most people and will inevitably cause damage to the hair, especially if you’re a Brunette or darker to begin with.  If you are considering testing out if Blondes-have-more-fun, we have put together six tips to consider before you take the plunge and commit. 

Don’t jump the gun

In order to maintain the integrity of your hair and help avoid damage, we suggest that you space out your hair appointments to achieve the perfect blonde hue you desire. True brunettes are encouraged to start with highlights first, and then visit the salon every 4 weeks. 

We recommend chatting to your hairstylist about using Affinage Salon Professinal’s Ice Crème Bleach Powder.  Not only is Ice Crème ammonia free, which makes it kinder on the hair causing less damage, it can also be used with any strength developer to produce gentle, medium or extreme lifting power. 

Ask for a Hair Treatment

During the colouring process the hair goes through a significant amount of chemicals, especially if you’re going from Brunette (or darker) to Sun-Kissed Blonde. Keep in mind that you should talk to your hairstylist about using a hair treatment that will help protect your hair against breakage and cuticle damage during the chemical process. 

Affinage Salon Professional’s Vitaplex protects the hairs inner and outer structure from damage, loss of strength and breakage. Vitaplex is a revolutionary 3-part biomimetic system that allows you to lighten & colour without compromising the integrity of the hair.

Wash Less, Much Less

We already know that bleaching strips away all the essential oils and cuticles, and as a result our hair becomes damaged and excessively dry. Shampooing your hair too often can further strip your hair of its essential oils, as well as speed up the fading process or bring on unwanted brassy tones. 

Hair Tip: Wash your hair every three to four days (especially in the first few weeks), and buy a gentle dry shampoo to spray on your roots to stretch the time you can go between washes.

Use the Right Shampoo

Avoid shampoos containing alcohol or sulphates, as they continue to strip the hair of essential oils and protein- only to leave the hair feeling dry and brittle; a process your hair has already faced during the transformation process. 

Silver Blonde – Bleached hair tends to yellow out too fast, so we recommend Affinage Salon Professional’s MODE Cool Blonde Shampoo, Conditioner and Illuminator. The violet colour pigments neutralise unwanted yellow tones and protects against brassiness.

Golden Blondes don’t need to maintain that perfect silver shade, so we recommend using Affinage Salon’ Professional’s MODE ColourCare Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque. This gentle sulphate-free, daily shampoo adds strength, elasticity & incredible shine whilst helping to extend colour life.

Hair Masks #ftw

Your hair is going to be extra thirsty on a regular basis, so simply slathering some conditioner to your ends isn’t going to be enough. We recommend that you use a deep conditioning mask like Affinage Salon Professional’s Kitoko Hydro-Revive Masque once a week. This indulgent, deep-action hydration treatment is packed with natural ingredients like Baobab, Green Tea, Fire Tulip and Tamarind to condition, quench and smooth moisture-thirsty hair. 

Use Protection

You’ve already put your hair through so much damage, applying heat will only continue to breakdown the structure of your hair shafts, so the best advice we can give here is to avoid heat styling tools all together, for as long as you can! If you can’t say no to the flatiron or curling tong, then we recommend you invest in some good quality heat protection products. 

You can avoid further breakage by using Affinage Salon Professional’s MODE Heat Shield to provide protection against heated styling tools such as flat irons and curling tongs. The Dream Cream from the same range of styling products from ASP, restores moisture levels and helps protect hair during blow-drying too. 

In Conclusion

Going Blonde may require commitment, patience and time.  If you keep these tips in mind and keep open communication between you and your stylist throughout the process, your healthy sun-kissed hair will turn heads all Summer long!