Colour Wars – Everyone is familiar with bad hair days, and most of the time a simple quick fix can save your mood, your hairstyle, and ultimately save the day. A hair colour disaster, on the other hand, might seem like a much bigger crisis and the idea of ever being able to fix it seems impossible.

When taking the plunge with hair colour, it is always a good idea to keep in mind the main three issues you may incur: Colour Damage, Colour Fails and Colour Fade. While all three sound similar, they each have their own challenges. 

Colour Damaged 

Our hair is our crowning glory and for the most part it plays it plays a big role in who we are. Today, we can explore endless creative ways to change our hair colour to suit our personality, from believable looks like lived-in colour to trendy techniques like pastel creations. Yet, even with all these beautiful new vibrant colours and styles trending across the globe, all hair has its limits. If you’re not conditioning your hair correctly or tend to overuse your heat styling tools, bleach will eventually win, leaving your hair fried. 

So you’ve coloured and bleached your hair to the point of no return, and now your luscious locks look damaged and broken. Unfortunately, sometimes the only solution is to face the chop and get your hair cut. By giving your hair a generous trim you get rid of the split ends and give your hair a chance to bounce back. 

If you find yourself sobbing over the thought of chopping your hair short, consider a trim and an intensive hair therapy programme like Kitoko Nutri Restore by Affinage Salon Professional, The natural African plant extracts in Kitoko have been expertly selected for their incredible rejuvenating and restorative qualities, ensuring fantastically healthy, beautiful hair. 


Colour Fails

Whether it’s an ombre that’s gone horribly wrong and now you have that tell-tale line running across your hair, or you wanted one colour all over but the end result has left you with patchy hair; many of us have experienced a colour disaster at one point or another in our lives. There may be many reasons for this, ranging from misinforming your stylist about pre-existing colour used on your hair to incorrect ratios of colour to developer. Accidents happen, but there is no need to panic. Stylists are trained in the art of colour correction and get those orange tiger streaks back to blonde highlights by using professional products and their invaluable skills. 

A revolutionary product like Eraser by Affinage Salon Professional has been specifically formulated for easy colour correction that doesn’t use bleach. No bleach? You heard right! Eraser is a much safer and more controllable product than other ‘bleach’ based colour removal systems, because it actively reduces the size of artificial hair colour molecules within the hair shaft, allowing them to be completely rinsed away, leaving the hair’s natural pigment untouched. The low pH, conditioning formula leaves the hair in better condition than when you started and ready for a fresh application of colour immediately.

Colour Fade

Your friends have been so jelly over your new vibrant hair colour, but it’s starting to fade to the point where you don’t even know what colour to call it anymore. Unfortunately it’s a fact of life, colour fades, but it doesn’t need to get you down. If you wash your hair with the wrong type of shampoo, or you use far too many styling products to keep your hair in check, your hair will naturally fade faster. 

Most of us don’t even realise that the ingredients in most shelf shampoos & conditioners contain sulphates which are doing a real number on your coloured hair. Try using products designed to protect and maintain your chosen hair colour, like MODE ColourCare by Affinage Salon Professional. The gentle sulphate-free daily shampoo cleanses, hydrates & protects your colour treated hair, while the conditioner helps to detangle, repair & rejuvenate your hair without adding weight.

Tip:  Even if you are using the perfect shampoo, water can also be a big contributor to fading – the cooler the water temperature the better.


In Conclusion

Changing our hair colour lights up our lives and gives a unique opportunity to show the world just who we are. While some damage is unavoidable, there is no reason to let colour fade dull your sparkle. Simply follow the steps advised and use a good quality product to help maintain or correct your colour dilemmas, and you can keep on rocking that “on-trend” balayage, colour melt or pastel unicorn hair with pride! 

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