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Heat, Harmful or Helpful? – For centuries, women across the world have been obsessed with changing their hair; women who have curly hair want straight hair and women with straight hair want curly hair. Thanks to these trends, the invention of heat styling tools became all the rage in the hair industry, and today you can find blow dryers, curling irons and straightening irons in almost every household. While we have been swept away by all the wonders of heat styling, we forget that it can be too much of a good thing. 

We all have that one “old faithful” heat styling tool that we swear by, but using it regularly can cause severe damage to our beautiful mane. Split ends, dry and brittle hair, increased frizz as well as excessive hair shedding are all major warning bells that your hair is fragile and in need of a little TLC. It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4…

1.Nourish your hair

Hair care starts with your hair washing routine, and the quality of product that you use can make a huge difference. Instead of industry standard shampoos and conditioners, the new trend is to look for something that will not only rejuvenate and strengthen your hair, but also protects your hair from future harm. 

Alternatively, try a more advanced hair therapy system like a Cleanser, Balm and Masque from the Kitoko Nutri-Restore range to bring your dry, fragile locks back to life. 

2. Give your hair a Vitamin Boost

We all know that vitamins and minerals are good for us, but do you know which ones are good for your hair? The professionals have worked long and hard to find the perfect formulas to boost and revive your heat damaged hair, with the right amount of antioxidants, omega oils and vitamins your hair needs. Kitoko Oil Treatment can be used to stimulate your hair’s condition, elasticity and shine with just a few drops massaged into damp hair. 

#toptip – do not overuse this product if you have naturally oily hair. 

3. Take a break

Just like you need a vacation, so does your hair. It’s best to occasionally take a break from using hair dryers and flat irons in order for your hair to bounce back. If you find yourself needing to lay off the heat styling tools, you can still obtain that sleek flat-ironed look with Kitoko Super Sleek Cream. 

Alternatively, if you simply cannot resist the urge to use your curling iron or hair dryer, you can rely on protective styling products such as MODE Heat Shield, MODE Smoothie or Kitoko ARTE Heat Defy Spray to provide thermo protection for your locks. 

4. Cut your losses

While there is a wide variety of phenomenal products out there to protect or rejuvenate your hair, we should also take into consideration the benefits of a simple hair cut. Regular trimming of your split or dry ends can help immensely, so why not call your favourite stylist and make an appointment for that overdue trim and don’t forget to ask your salon if they sell any Affinage hair care and styling products, so that you too can enjoy the wonders of healthy hair. 



In conclusion

As long as we keep craving those bouncy curls, sleek straight styles or need to dry our hair in a rush; there will always be a need for heat styling tools. Don’t forget that the tools are the trade are not the enemy, and if used correctly on healthy hair they can produce spectacular styles to make you feel fantastic. Embrace our four easy steps and use the suggested protective products to help beat the heat!