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The Good, The Bad, The Oily

Greasy Hair – Our confidence can really take a knock when we’re combating issues that affect how we feel about ourselves; and when we put so much effort into how we want our hair to look, struggles as simple as greasy hair can really dampen one’s spirits. 

For most of us, without realizing it, it’s the small things that we do regularly which play the biggest role in why we find ourselves constantly struggling with oily hair. For some, it could be a simple matter of over-shampooing your hair with frequent washes; while for others it could be that they’re not washing their hair not often enough. Product build up, over brushing your hair and even skipping the shower after your gym session all play a part in unwanted grease build up, so the question is how do we put an end to oily hair? 

“Slick Fixes” to help manage the root of your problems 

To wash or not to wash?

We generally wash our hair too often, especially when it’s oily. Did you know that Dry Shampoo is a great product to use between washes for those who have oilier hair. Unlike shampoos which tend to strip the hair of natural oils, Dry Shampoo helps by simply absorbing extra oils that leave your hair looking greasy. Try Kitoko Arte Style Extend Dry Shampoo or Affinage MODE Revive Me to best combat this problem. This goes for those post gym workouts, or even to revive those trendy bangs. 

A quick fix before a night out…

Affinage MODE Wonder Dust revives your style in seconds with incredible root lift, volume & texture. This lightweight powder also absorbs excess oil & gives a natural looking matt finish. The best thing about this product is that it’s perfect for a woman on the go and fits conveniently into your handbag. 

When build-up is bad…

These days were open to so many different types of styling products and it’s helping make our hair dreams come true, however we tend to forget that product build-up is a real problem. Help detox your hair with a cleansing product such as Kitoko Purifying Cleanser which is not only sulphate free, but chock full of natural ingredients to nourish your hair and leave it soft and manageable again. 

In conclusion…

Greasy hair is a part of life, but you don’t have to let it rule yours. While it’s perfectly normal for hair to get oily, we do hope that this advice shows you how easy it is to fix. With the right product and a bit of self-love, you can wear your hair with pride no matter the occasion!