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Box Colour: Quick Fix or Fail? – We’ve all seen the boxes on the shelves at our local supermarkets,and looked over longingly at the promises made on said boxes about perfect colour, grey coverage and no hair damage. These days you can find just about any colour you like, and fantasy colours are the new norm. You may however, find yourself thinking about taking the plunge and doing a little DIY, rather than paying the seemingly exorbitant rates that the professionals do in Salons.  

Why say no to the box, and yes to your stylist? 
We’ll give you a few good reasons to suck it up and book your appointment right now…

Salons do not only discourage the use of box colour in order to ensure they get the extra business. Its about more than just colour! 

Chemicals are dangerous, and the box you took the colouring product out of doesn’t care about you specifically or your type of hair. A stylist can give you advice on how best to proceed with your chosen colour, and as a professional they would be able to asses the condition of your hair before applying any harmful products. The box cant see what your hair looks like, or how best to avoid any potential breakage or colour mishaps. Your hairs’ porosity, density, length and texture all play a part in determining the outcome of your hair colour. The experts know this, and mix the correct formulas, and use the best products to ensure minimal chemical damage during colouring your hair.

There is nothing worse than a bad dye job, and I’m sure we have all been there at some point!

Colour correction at a Salon can take extra time and money, so why bother taking the risk? Go to the professionals who know how to best achieve your hair colour dreams!

Don’t even think of attempting a complex process like Balyage or Ombre tones at home; this is a recipe for disaster and if you are looking to be on trend- why not ask the people who studied exactly these techniques ?

We in the hair industry want you to be the best version of YOU! We understand your fears and concerns, but hair is an expression of your personality, so make it count!

Find a stylist you love, and let go of all the anxiety of home bleaching or colouring.

I don’t have the time, I hear you protest! 

We understand that the demand’s of modern life tend to consume your free time between chasing your career and looking after families, but don’t you deserve it?! Even wonder women need a little pampering!
We know the drill. It’s often difficult to book an appointment with busy salons, and when you do get an appointment you have to hope you find a stylist who “gets” you. You sit there for hours; hope the professional understands what you requested; and is able to basically read your mind. But isn’t it better than pulling your hair out over a glass of wine at home as you tearfully explain to your loved ones how the “colour just isn’t the same as the box” and having to repeat the process anyway?