The ins-and-outs for wedding hair and how to keep it looking fabulous on your special day!

We’re all familiar with the infamous quote, “Your hair is the crown you never take off’, but when it comes to your wedding day that cliché rings truer than true, as your hair really does become your crowning glory. Once you’ve found the dress of your dreams, settling on the perfect hairstyle to compliment your desired look plays a very important part in making you look and feel like a queen on your wedding day. Here are some wedding hair tips that will help make the world of difference on your wedding day!

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Wedding Hair Tips for the bride-to-be

  • Moodboards

A great way to get the process started, is to create a moodboard. With so many online sites such as Pinterest, you’re able to create and update with a click of a button until you have found all the hair inspiration you can think of. Before you go on a digital quest for the best wedding hairstyles out there, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What hairstyles will compliment my wedding dress? Take into consideration what your wedding dress looks like, think about the neckline. Does it have sleeves? Have you thought about the length of the dress? Or perhaps even the style of your dress, is it a vintage boho wedding? Maybe something more on the lines of the Great Gatsby? Or is it leaning towards being a traditional wedding dress?
  2.  What impact will my choice of venue have on the hairstyles I am inspired by? Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding, the weather plays a big factor in deciding what hairstyles will work best on your wedding day. Heat factors might beg for an updo to keep the back of your neck cool. An uncomfortably hot bride is never a happy bride.

Once you’re ready to start creating your moodboard, remember that your current hairstyle is not to be considered the starting foundation for your searches. If you have short hair but don’t want to settle for something simple, you can always add hair extensions, of if you planning your wedding long in advance you have the time to grow your hair.

  • Book an appointment with your hairdresser

So you’ve done your research and now you need advice on what’s actually going to work on your wedding day, then the next best thing you can do is book an appointment with your hairdresser. Take images of your dress and your moodboards and show your hairdresser what you’re inspired by. Find out what the current condition of your hair is, as well as what looks would best suite your hair type and your facial shape.

Then ask your hairdresser what would you need to do in order to have your dream hairstyle. For example, what products you could start using now to strengthen the condition of your hair. If you colouring your hair then make sure to book your last appointment at least 2 weeks before your wedding day.

  • Book your Hair Trials

Hair trials are vitally important to see what’s going to work best once you have selected a few of your favourite hairstyles with the help of your hairdresser. The best time to book your hair trial would be at least a month before your wedding day, when you hair’s condition is closest to being as healthy as it needs to be for your big day. Hair trials will allow you and the hairstylist to test out all the products that will be used on your wedding day. This helps to avoid any unwanted allergic reactions when you’re about to get married, as well as to know what products will work best to maintain the perfect wedding hairstyle for the whole event.

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  • Don’t wash your hair on your big day!

No beautiful bride wants to deal with unsettled hair ruining their perfect wedding hairstyle, so the best advice you will ever be given by anyone is to not wash your hair on the day of your wedding. In fact, it’s recommended you wash your a minimum of 24 hours before your wedding day. You also want to avoid the overuse of products to maintain your unsettled hair. This in turn creates their own set of problems contributing to an unwanted bad hair day.

  • Relax and enjoy – it’s your wedding after all!

You’ve done all the ground work all the way up to your big special day. Now let your hairdresser take over the reigns and magically create your perfect wedding hairstyle. Sit and relax before you take your first steps down the aisle towards the person you will be sharing this new journey in your life with.

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