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Texture is the new buzzword in hair styling,  and while this term may be trending among salons and professionals, the general public are left wondering what this is all about?!?
In a nutshell, Texture gives life to your hair. It adds volume and boosts lift to offer that full, thick and natural “messy” look that everyone is after. 
With so many products to choose from; ranging from teasing powders to salt spray; it’s hard to know which product is right for you. What works for some hair may not work for others, and different texture boosting products produce different results. 
Salt Spray, Balms or Aerosols? 
Which one should you choose? 

Let’s take a look at the differences between products:


Thickening Mousse

Seems ideal, doesn’t it? However, unfortunately this doesn’t work for everyone. 
Mousse is only recommended for fine hair,and ideally applied just before final heat styling. Best used for a nice bouncy and volumous blow-dry; this product is applied to damp hair and styling should commence quickly to avoid product drying before you’re done reaching your perfect look.










Dry Shampoo

We know it, we love it!
 Not only is Dry Shampoo a wonderful and easy way to make hair look less oily between washes, it’s also a great way to add volume and fluffiness to loose wavy curls. It’s advised that you don’t use a brush for this process- rather use your fingers to work it from roots to mid-length, but not all the way to the tips or your hair will likely end up looking heavy. 










Creams & Balms 

Looking for that just-got-out-of bed chic style everyone is after these days? Effortless hair is becoming more popular,but we all know it’s never effortless! That whimsical bedhead look is accomplished by using balms or texturing creme to give fine hair a bit of weight. A word of caution though, be careful when applying to the top of your head or middle parting, as this tends to end up looking crunchy and stiff. Stick to just the tips to make the best out of this product.


The serious member of the styling team. Waxes and Pomades give great styling to short hair, and for that perfectly sculpted style that needs a strong hold. Best used for slicked back hair, wet looks and styles like vintage Finger-waves. Take a small amount in palm of your hand, rub it between you hands and then roughly rub into your roots to give short hairstyles a bit of a boost!

Texturising Spray

Easy and convenient,this is provably the most commonly known product. This spray is perfect for reviving volume in hair after a long day, or giving second wind to a Blowout in the second day.
Simply flip your hair over,  spray from root to tips, and use your fingers to loosen strands and curls. As with most texturing products, it is not recommended to brush your hair once styled with this spray.

Texture Powders 

This revolutionary product is fast becoming a favourite among those who love full and volumous hair. Don’t forget,  only apply Powder to the roots of your hair a little at a time and work it in until the desired effect is created.  Do not apply Texturising Powders to your whole head!

Salt Spray

The holy grail of Texturising products!
Salt Spray can be used on all sorts of hair types and lengths, and adds a “natural” lift to hair that has us reminiscing about long days at the beach. 
Long hair? Salt spray is great for achieving those beachy waves if applying after curling hair. For Short hair, we recommend Salt Spray for that combed back “wet look”. If your hair is very fine, Salt Spray can be used during blow-drying to make styling easier. 


In conclusion…

Don’t be afraid to get out there and try something new. Take the advice of the professionals,  and use a good quality product to achieve the best looks we love to ogle at, whether it be on the red carpet or at the beach. Boost your hair, boost your self confidence!