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Your hair is your way to express yourself,and we always feel great when we look great! Sometimes we just don’t have the time to wash and condition our lovely locks, but did you know that Dry Shampoo is the perfect quick fix for limp and dirty hair between  regular washes?
Comparing a llama with wild hair to someone using Dry Shampoo on day 20.


5 Reasons Why Dry Shampoo should be your new Best Friend!


  1. Dry Shampoo can help stop your curls from clumping together. Simply spray this product all over your hair after curling it for loose and bouncy curls that will leave everyone jealous.

  2. Volume boost for your hair in just one spray? Can’t be! Well it’s true, and all you need to do to get that extra boost is spray Dry Shampoo straight onto your roots before styling, or over your whole head after styling. Give it a try!
  3. Love your bangs, but hate the fact that they get greasy and lifeless so easily? Keep those bangs in check and prevent them from sticking to your forehead with this simple tip. Spritz onto your fringe and tease the product through the hair with your fingertips. This product will absorb oil and give you enough texture to restyle your bangs, unlike Hair Spray which tends to just leave your fringe stiff and shiny. 

  4. Dry Shampoo can help hide those pesky dark roots that pop up with Blonde hair. Who knew! Spray the Dry Shampoo 7-10cm from the roots in small sections at a time, making sure you target the most oil prone areas for maximum disguise.

  5. Looking for that trendy backcombed hair style? Help reduce the amount of teasing needed to achieve this look by simply spraying a generous amount of product onto your roots before you start styling. You can also spray the length of your hair if you want added grip and volume during styling. It’s advised that you work Dry Shampoo into your roots with your fingertips, helping it soak up any unwanted oils and give it a good brush out before combing back. Say YES to volume and long-lasting styling on the go!


In conclusion…

No matter what type of hair you have, Dry Shampoo is that go-to for women with busy schedules that still want to look and feel like a million bucks. Pop one into your handbag today, and never be caught with oily, limp, and lifeless hair again!

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